Creativity, Trust & Respect

Our core values of creativity, trust and respect are at the heart of all our contacts with you, our clients. We want, above all, to be your partner. A partner that works hand in hand with you in order to guarantee your success. Our goal is also to build up lasting partnerships that result in high-quality end-results time and time again.

Our point of departure is always the same: arousing interest among customers, triggering a desire to buy and going that one step further. As experienced content creators, we love working on your projects from the beginning through to the very end. We will handle everything for you from creation, strategy, photography and DTP to logistics and IT in all its guises.

All our colleagues form part of our big family and all our creative forces are joined together under one roof, with the additional great advantage of having an integrated in-house photo studio. At advert’HYPE our goal is to offer all our colleagues a place where they feel at home; a place where they can grow and develop their skills and personality. An environment in which our core values take centre-stage.

Ulrike Ulrike Ulrike Ulrike

Top of the league challenger; the word abandon does not appear in her dictionary. This leader of the pack constantly looks for ways to ensure advert’hype continues improving by looking for the best solution, while never losing sight of the delicate balance between the wishes of the customer and the well-being of our Mind Shakers.


Julia Julia Julia Julia

Third generation brimming over with enthusiasm for whom no challenge is too great. Learnt the ropes almost in her infancy and eager to leave her mark on the company.


Florence Florence Florence Florence

Knows no fear and has irresistible eyes and unfailing faith in the future and in people. Keeps the ship on course at Julia’s side.


Hervé Hervé Hervé Hervé

Diplomatic with a great roaring laugh that immediately puts everyone at their ease. He comes up with the ideal settings for all our clients so that the brands or products are shown to the best possible advantage.


Joël Joël Joël Joël

The biggest smile in the world and always on top of things. Never takes himself too seriously, maintains a balance between his artistic concepts and the expectations of the client .


Valérie Valérie Valérie Valérie


Alex Alex Alex Alex

Sporty and always ready to leap away from the starting blocks. With his youthful enthusiasm and strong organisational talent, he earns the confidence of all our clients


Rudi Rudi Rudi Rudi

A quiet force. Master of the meanders of our IT system. A simple movement of his hands on the keyboard can bring dead or ailing computers back to life.


Jacques-Jérôme Jacques-Jérôme Jacques-Jérôme Jacques-Jérôme


Aurélien Aurélien Aurélien Aurélien

The indefatigable folder man who jumps from one layout to another. The tiniest of errors will not escape his all-seeing eye.


Pierre Pierre Pierre Pierre

Mr. 1000%. His eagle eye has just one thing in its sights and that is precision.  Object or subject: his practised eye sees everything.


Christiaan Christiaan Christiaan Christiaan

Quiet and thoughtful. Daylight is his area of expertise. Full sun or twilight, he always gets the best out of every shot.


France France France France


Marcuz Marcuz Marcuz Marcuz

Rock-‘n-roll, but in creative soft-mode. Loves nothing more than fine tuning presentations to make them even better. All his colleagues are able to count on this organisational whizz-kid for the slightest piece of information they need.


Peter Peter Peter Peter

Big and full of great humour: once bitten, forever smitten! And yet he remains discreet and efficient in his creative approach and is able to switch seamlessly from one project to another.


Olivier Olivier Olivier Olivier

Don’t be misled by his playful and mischievous appearance: nobody could be friendlier. What’s more he is extremely dedicated and pays the greatest attention to documents entrusted to him.


Mark Mark Mark Mark

This Tetris champion knows all about packing and unpacking. He moves all the goods in our warehouse and thanks to his faultless logistics, is able to find products in no time at all.


Jenny Jenny Jenny Jenny

Boundless creativity. Headphones on and pen in hand…. And off we go. A constant flow of illustrations and concepts pour from her imagination onto paper.


Jonas Jonas Jonas Jonas

Always ready to lend a helping hand. Talented at doing balancing acts, he jumps from one set to another, from the top to the bottom rung of the ladder often with a paintbrush in his hand.


Maïté Maïté Maïté Maïté

Ploughs her way through agendas and files with an ever-present cheerful expression. She welcomes clients and answers all their urgent questions always ready to listen to their requests.


Ikram Ikram Ikram Ikram

Friendly, tactful and good-humoured. From shirt collar to trouser pocket, not a single crease escapes her scrutiny. A crucial link when it comes to showing products in their best light.


Johan Johan Johan Johan

The sparkle in his eye conceals a true light expert who plays with contrasts to show the subject of each photo to sublime advantage.


Gilles Gilles Gilles Gilles

Our very own science fiction expert. With his favourite films as his source of inspiration, he is able to deliver unexpected video montages speedily and efficiently! He is also our page transformation specialist.


Phillipe Phillipe Phillipe Phillipe

His magical Photoshop skills can transform a moon into a star, the Milky Way or whatever. Welcome to the world of 2D.


Hilde Hilde Hilde Hilde

Serene, calm and energetic. With a little gentle background music she sweeps from page to page, with not a hint of a false note.


Crick Crick Crick Crick

Through hill and vale, from photo studio to the store, from the biggest set to the smallest corner: wherever he is, he always picks the right time to guarantee the best photo.


Felipe Felipe Felipe Felipe

A passionate magician. Thanks to his magical hands, all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place and from his magician’s hat he conjures up pertinent, peerless creations.


Diederik Diederik Diederik Diederik

The smile on his lips is as wide as his lens. With his unbelievable eye for detail that makes all the difference, he adds a touch of artistry to every photo.


Françoise Françoise Françoise Françoise


Daniel Daniel Daniel Daniel

Nothing escapes this master of the final revision. As the last link in the chain, he makes sure that every print-ready document is as perfect as can be.


Anne Anne Anne Anne

Ms Versatility draws up a 5-course menu and then heads straight for the kitchen. Even designing the plates and arranging the food on them are second nature to her. This fabulous woman can turn her hand to anything. 


Amandine Amandine Amandine Amandine


David David David David

Speedy Gonzales: with his foot on the accelerator, but always prudent and avoiding excess. David makes sure that all our parcels arrive at their destination on time.


Rudi Rudi Rudi Rudi

Reserved and discreet. A man who works in the shadows but who is an ace when it comes to precision and efficiency.


Marie Marie Marie Marie


Sébastien Sébastien Sébastien Sébastien


Thierry Thierry Thierry Thierry


Tamara Tamara Tamara Tamara


Olivia Olivia Olivia Olivia


Elena Elena Elena Elena