DIY with Brico PlanIt

Brico PlanIt is a loyal client that has been calling on the services of advert’HYPE since 1986. We provide them with support and advice and handle the execution of their communication plans.  

Every year Brico PlanIt distributes different theme folders, brimming over with inspiration and tips for DIYers who want to do their woodwork, decoration, plumbing or lighting projects themselves. In addition to the theme folders they also produce several traffic folders each year.

For the folder on the theme of wood, we laid all the parquet flooring down in our studio and carried out the shoots against our tailor-made sets. We created strong content and laid everything out in an attractive folder that gave consumers a desire to roll up their sleeves.

To be specific we produced:

  • 56 pages
  • 98 shoots in a perfectly styled setting
  • 15 shoots with models

We produce six versions of the theme folders: 5 French folders and 1 Dutch folder. They each contained regional offers and advertisements.

The folders were distributed house to house and were also available in Brico PlanIt sales outlets.

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